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Frequently asked questions

Cosmetic Tattooing

What is cosmetic tattooing/ semi-permanent makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup is a non surgical treatment that can naturally enhance your look and features through the infusion pharmaceutical grade pigments being tattooed into the skin. Results bring balance and definition to facial features, make your routine easier and give your face a lift and definition and bring to you a new born confidence.

What should i do to prepare?

When you book with us, you will recieve an email that details all of the do's and dont's bdfore your appointment.

Does it hurt?

Good quality topical numbing agents are used before and during all procedures. Most people report they are pleasantly surprised by how little it hurts, but how much it hurts can vary from each individual. At a worst case scenario, some discomfort is felt, but it is never unbearable. Some people have reported from previous experiences that they felt an incredible amount of pain, this should never be the case if correct techniques are used and this is generally because the tattoing has been done by an inexperienced artist.

How long will my appointment take?

Most appointments for each procedure take approx 2 hours with the exception of lips which are closer to 3 hours and bottom eyeliner which is closer to 1.5. Cosmetic tattooing is a 2 step process and you will be required to be back between 4-12 weeks, these appointments are generally half an hour shorter. Bear in mind this is not all tattooing time, this includes your numbing time, consulting about shapes, colours, client forms, pre-drawing, and then of course the tattooing.

Eyelash Extensions

Can Eyelash extensions look Natural/real?

Yes of course they can! It is something that we specialise in an are known for. However the final look is down to you but we do work closely with the safety and health of your natural lashes and what they will allow us to achieve. Every set of Eyelash extensions is is bespoke and unique to each client and can look as real or false as you like them to.



This is the only place I'll go to get my tattooing done! Convenient, great customer service and of course an amazing result. Thanks so much Katie!

I wanted to say a big thank you to Katie for my gorgeous volume eyelash extensions! She was so lovely and kind, making me feel extremely comfortable in her space. Katie talked me through the whole process as she went and was open and honest about what would work for my lashes. I have complete trust in her knowledge and experience and have a beautiful set of lashes to show! Highly recommend 

Eyeliner tattooing done by the beautiful Katie, Where do i start!!!! Katie is very professional and knowledgeable, she explained everything along the way and made me feel so comfortable and relaxed considering where she was tattooing!!

Dianne Pollard

Tallara Russo 

Kerrie Haden


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